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The Fall Of The House Of Z

The Fashion world stood still as the paramount news of the closing of Zac Posen’s clothing line announced its close.This came as a great shock to some who were not watching the company closely,however,news of unrest occurred all the way back in April this year.So what really happened?
   Yucaipa Cos an investment company held 50% of stock in Zac Posen and were considering selling their shares giving the company a short term to find a new investor however the company sadly ran out of time to find a new investor and decided to cease operations due to the lack of capital. Zac Posen ,at the mere age of 21, took New York by storm, when he appeared on the fashion scene freshly dropped out of Central Saint Marins in London.One of his dresses caught the eye of to model Naomi Campbell which started his descent to dressing celebrities left and right such as Natalie Portman ,Katine Holmes and Beyonce .Of course this made him famous and he became well known for his structured voluminous gowns that …

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